Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Yet another Democrap sells out to Shitigroup

Proving himself to be a true Democratic-Republican corporate shrill Chris Dodd has sold his ass to Citigroup.

Chris Dodd is now whoring himself to the terrorists by stating that no new anti-predatory lending legislation is needed (according to If anyone saw the jobless 24 year old on Dr. Phil last week who was still getting tons of credit anyone, with half a brain would know that obviously this is not the case. How much did it take to get this corporate shrill to say this. According to, $139,950 dollars which makes Citigroup the second largest campaign contributor to the presidential campaign of this scumbag sellout.

Not only should he not be elected president, he should be voted out of his senate seat for his terrorist actions. Vote for a Green, get the terrorist shrills out of office.

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Shitigroup: Who cares about the people who work for us.

Citigroup has made yet more plans to screw over its workers. According to "It's been reported that Citigroup will lay off 15,000, and more 14,000 jobs from higher-cost areas like New York City, Hong Kong and London to places like India, Cincinnati and Buffalo" ( Who cares that this will throw lots of peoples lives in chaos? Who cares about the people's children who will have to leave their friends to move? Who cares about the people who will end up homeless because they can't find another job? Just as long as the corporate terrorists running Citigroup can buy a few extra Hummers to make up for their teenie weenies.And by the way angry disgruntled Citigroup employees I want to hear your stories! Time to tell come out and tell the world about the terrorist acts of Shitigroup. Screw exit interviews, get revenge on these terrorists for throwing your lives in the trash.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Is it really that easy to get rid of Shitibank?

So, the Japanese legislature has proved themselves true leaders, instead of corporate whores. As discussed in a previous post, the legislature in Japan was considering passing a law that would change the maximum interest rate from 29 percent to 20 percent. Well good news, it passed! The leadership in Japan has sent out the message don't terroize our people!

...And when it did, like the little corporate terrorist cry babies they are, Citibank made an announcement that it will close 80 percent of its business in Japan ( This will come to about 270 branches and 100 atms ( More good news for Japan, as now instead of the money going to the corporate terrorists hell bent on world domination, more of it will be kept more local.

...And apparently this may not be the end of the corporate terrorists temper tantrums. Following a television show in Ireland exposing Shitbank as the highest cost lender there, they are now throwing a temper tantrum and saying they may cut locations as well in Ireland( So cut them you big cry babies, no one except your corporate whores wants you around anyways.

...Back in the United States the corporate whores continue to sell-out to Shitibank and all the other banking terrorists as well. But welcome to fake opposition party world, where we might pass a little bit of legislation related to civl liberaties, but we will never go against our best friends the corporate terrorists.

...Really, it is this easy to get rid of the corporate terrorists at Shitibank?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

How corrupt can this terrorist dictatorship get?

Stupid Whore, Mary Louise Preis used to be the financial regulator for Maryland, which would mean she was supposed to be regulating the banking terrorists such as Shitibank (Citibank). Well, apparently she was doing more whoring than regulating. Guess what the stupid slut is doing now directly following her job as a banking "regulator": Working for Shitifinancial (aka Citifinancial).

And just in case you think whores can only be female, don't forget the whore Robert Rubin who was a Dumpocrap member of Clinton's cabinet who also whored to Shitibank and sold out the people, so that he would get a job there.

And we wonder why the terrorists in power are winning?

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Corporate Terrorists at Citibank Buy More Victims

Not satisfied with the number of current victims of their corporate terrorist predatory lending scemes, the corporate terrorists at shitibank have paid $1.51 billion to obtain Grupo Cuscatlan ( This includes locations in such victim rich nations as El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras and Panama( Shitibank is always looking for some more poor folks to fuck over, steal from, and then starve to death while they buy FUVs and rolexs. ...And we wonder why the world hates the United States.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Politicians in Japan piss of Shitigroup by refusing to be their complete and total whores.

First off, unlike the United in being screwed over States, Japan actually has a limit on how much interest can be charged by the corporate terrorist bankers. Granted it is still a ridiculously high limit of 29.2 (
Yet, in idiot america and other countries where rates go into the thirties this is still better than nothing.

But the government of Japan has come to agree that 29.2 percent is to high and is planning to lower the interest cap to 20 percent ( 20 percent is still usury, but it is progress towards cutting back on the evils of the corporate terrorists.

And of course as usual Citifinancial, a branch of Citigroup particularly known for the pleasure they derive from stealing from the poor and making the poor starve, are lobbying against this humanitarian measure. The reason: its the liars at Citi crap, I am sure they are citing every bullshit made up reason in the book. These greedy gasholes aren't happy unless they are totally and completely starving people to death so they can buy an extra SUV to overcompensate for their teenie weenies.

Just think, every time you swipe your citicard, you are funding this noble cause. That would be of course the noble cause of the rich white corporate terrorists screwing you over and stealing even more of your money through usury and pure greed. It might even eventually be the reason that you starve to death or die from lack of health care.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Corporate Terrorists at Citigroup Keep Messing with My Links

Shitibank keeps sending out the corporate terrorists to mess with my anti-citi links at wikipedia. The corporate terrorists including those at Shitigroup hate freedom of speech. They want to suppress all opposition so that they can go about murdering innocent children so that they can buy extra rolex's and SUVs. Help save the children and support freedom of speech. If you see the links down on the Citigroup, Citibank, or other related entries repost them. Here is the code-just cut and paste:
*[ Join a Boycott at KarmaBanque!]
*[ Report on Citigroup Finances]
*[ Another Citigroup Complaint Site]
*[ Citigroup Watch] from [[Inner City Press]]
*[ Anti-Citi Blog]
*[ File a Complaint]Remember, the corporate terrorists are winning the war against free speech and we must fight to get our free speech back.