Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Corporate Terrorists At Citirgroup: If you are sick be prepared to die!

Here is a story from inner city press that shows just how sick these corporate terrorists are...especially when they are dealing with the sick.

"I missed six weeks of work, and asked to be accommodated through the flex-work initiative propounded by the corporate offices. The HR department told me that my request had been denied due to some late reviews and that I would have to return to the office to complete a conference call. When I came in I was called into a manager's office with my immediate supervisor, and his manager and told that my request was denied, there would be no further discussion and if I wanted to continue working there I had better sign the forms being presented to me. Although I was, and am still under a doctor's care, the forms basically stated that I felt ready to return to work and that a new work-plan was being devised to "accommodate" me. No copies were provided" (

So basically Shitibank used terror to scare this employee into signing a contract against their will. Now someone explain to me how this isn't terrorism! Not to mention slavery and abuse.

What would happen next though was on a completely new level of evil. Shitibank doubled this employees workload. This employee spent their whole Memorial Day weekend trying to satisfy the terrorist slave drivers at Citibank. The worker even spend their own money to hire someone to help. This is one of the richest companies out their and they not only abuse sick slaves, but they force them to spend their own money to do their dirty work.

But what do you think was the reward for this employees slave labor "Five weeks after I returned, I was terminated and escorted from the building by 4 vice presidents and the head of building security. I told then that this seemed unnecessary, and was certainly humiliating since it would appear that I was some terrorist (note:citisucks prefers the term freedom fighters) being escorted out of the Citigroup tower. I would not have thought much more of the situation except for the fact the other employees told me of similar occurrences with "mature" workers over the age of fifty. Just one month before me a 20 year veteran returned from hip-replacement surgery and was terminated exactly 4 weeks later" (

So to all the people that Citibank hates and seeks to murder, better ad the ill, disabled, and the elderly to the list. Hitler would be proud.

And if you think this itself is sick, their is more to come in part II.

And p.s. if you haven't taken your money out of Shitibank or gotten rid of their credit cards will you please do so and stop supporting the terrorists. Thanks.


Blogger Undeniable Liberal said...

Well I, for one don't even use a debit card and what little banking i do is with a locally owned credit union.
But the bigger point, citisucks is that we all need to minimize any transactions with corporate, facist Amerikka.
For example, when I need a computer, i didn't even consider best buy or any of those other corporate whores, I purchased it from a local dealer. Sure, some of the proceeds go to corporations, but the majority of the profit went to a locally owned business. Sure, it cost a little more, but Best Buy and Compaq and all thier ilk didn't get my money. It's a start....boycot any corporation, when you can.

1:44 PM  
Blogger paris said...

spell it right ...their yeah doin' citisucks

3:18 PM  
Blogger Citisucks said...

Undeniable Liberal, you are truly an undeniable liberal. You make me so proud. I too use a credit union.

3:37 PM  

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