Friday, September 15, 2006

Sleazeball Corporate Terrorist Robert Rubin Is At it Again!

Robert Corporate Terrorist Rubin is Clinton's former Treasurey Secretary. This selfish asshole whored to Citigroup while in office, in order to get a position as an executive in Citigroup so that he could further continue to sellout the lives of children for a few extra rolex's.

And Robbing Rubin isn't finished yet. If being a whore and terrorist isn't enough Rubin has decided, that he must set up a whole policy institute to feed the corporate terrorist controlled media, corporate terrorist controlled statistics.

According to Inner City Press "To be celebrated for sleazy. Robert Rubin, who has been directly asked about Citigroup's predatory lending and said it is not in or under his "aegis," now sets up a public policy institute which the NYT (Sept. 8) says will be "addressing issues like the costs to the economy of excessive litigation and regulation.("

More like lying about than addressing. Citigroups seeks to be able to get away with murdering innocent children at even higher rates. These fascists will again play the victims so they can continue on their murder spree. And the larger question is can one really put a price on the murders of innocent children by Citigroup?

If the fact that the corporate terrorists control the media isn't enough, they are now seeking to control the statistics fed to the corporate controlled media. More lies for idiot America. If you thought statistics were lies before, than welcome to new corporate terrorist controlled statistical America.

And here is a real novel idea on how to keep court costs down. When Citigroup has to go to court because they violated the few laws that actually apply to these corporate terrorists make them pay for all the costs of the litigation and regulation! It doesn't take a policy institute to figure this one out.

And perhaps if these terrorists and criminals have a problem with civil court, they should get the poor non-white person treatment. Pig brutality followed by major jail time.


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