Sunday, October 29, 2006

Politicians in Japan piss of Shitigroup by refusing to be their complete and total whores.

First off, unlike the United in being screwed over States, Japan actually has a limit on how much interest can be charged by the corporate terrorist bankers. Granted it is still a ridiculously high limit of 29.2 (
Yet, in idiot america and other countries where rates go into the thirties this is still better than nothing.

But the government of Japan has come to agree that 29.2 percent is to high and is planning to lower the interest cap to 20 percent ( 20 percent is still usury, but it is progress towards cutting back on the evils of the corporate terrorists.

And of course as usual Citifinancial, a branch of Citigroup particularly known for the pleasure they derive from stealing from the poor and making the poor starve, are lobbying against this humanitarian measure. The reason: its the liars at Citi crap, I am sure they are citing every bullshit made up reason in the book. These greedy gasholes aren't happy unless they are totally and completely starving people to death so they can buy an extra SUV to overcompensate for their teenie weenies.

Just think, every time you swipe your citicard, you are funding this noble cause. That would be of course the noble cause of the rich white corporate terrorists screwing you over and stealing even more of your money through usury and pure greed. It might even eventually be the reason that you starve to death or die from lack of health care.


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