Thursday, June 23, 2005

So you want to work for Citibank? Well if you like to get paid you probably don't!

How low can you go? Citigroup is one of the richest companies in the world and how do they thank their employees for this when their time is about to be up. Well by stealing money from their pay checks of course.

This is not a one time thing that was done to one person either. There are multiple accounts of this online and a small discussion about this topic at In particular Citibank is fond of screwing employees over on their final pay check any which way they can. One former employee their stated " They withheld my paycheck after I quit when I was assualted by my boss. I had to have my lawyer threaten legal action to get my paycheck".

This has been going on for quite a while as well. An account of this at Inner City Press's Citigroup watch page listed an occurance of this in 2002.

Even by their own admission to one employee these things occur. At the same time they lied and said these things rarely occur which if you have dealt with Shitibank you know is their stock response. Here is this former employees story"I gave a two weeks notice. I had automatic deposit. My final Paycheck was deposited and then immediately withdrawn by Citibank. I bounced 11 checks and was not paid for over 14 days. They cost me $275.00 in overdrafts when I had given them two weeks notice! Their response "we're sorry...these things rarely happen." My F***ing *ss!".

So if you care about employees rights please boycott Citibank. You can join an official boycott at But even if you don't care about employees rights here is a thought or two for you from a former employee at" They are as horrible to their employees as they are to their customers. On the employee end of things they rip you off on every paycheck they ever give you by hundreds of dollars a month and they give you the same ring around that they give customers and you never see your money. Bottom line Citi Bank sucks and after I started working their I cancelled every card I had with them as well as re financing my mortgage because it was with citi mortgage. Then after working for them for 6 months I had to resighn becuase of the way they are scamming their customers and employees!".

So basically Citibank uses their employees to rip of customers and then turns around and rips of the employees. Yeah, nice. It sounds like high crime to me. When are we going to start arresting the rich who steal from the poor!


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By the way there is an additional account of this (although an older account) at on the April 15,2002 post. I just thought about checking there after I finished this blog and not suprising found another account.

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