Sunday, April 10, 2005

Citibank Sucks

Citibank Sucks. In fact they suck in pretty much every way possible. If you have money in this sucky bank pull it out. If you have a credit card with them tear it up. If you have nothing to do with them currently, stay the hell away from these corporate thieves. Why you ask? Here is a list of just a few things:

-Bogus late fees
-Lies about what your APR actually is: telling you its zero percent and then raising it to 28 percent when you have always paid them on time, but did not pay some other bill on times.
-Lies about the conditions of their reward programs (then again it is only a reward if you receive it). To be specific please do not fall for their cash back or i-pod scams. I myself am a victim of their cash back (or in my case no cash back) scams.
-One for the liberals: Their employment practices make Walmart look like saints. And don't we all know just how horrible Walmarts practices are. Citigroup is one of the richest companies in the world and they make sure to hire people in such ways that they don't have to give them proper benefits such as health insurance.
-One for the conservatives: Citibank illegally violated the law and charged active duty soldiers higher interest then they were allowed to by law. Of course they followed it up by a cheesy statement about how they don't violate the law knowingly. Yeah right!