Friday, April 14, 2006

Citibank celebrates 25 years of hating women

"The chief executive of Citigroup said Wednesday that the move of its credit card operations to South Dakota 25 years ago saved Citibank...That was before then-Gov. Bill Janklow and Citicorp executive Charlie Long made a handshake deal to bring Citibank's credit card operations to Sioux Falls.(". It gets worse. You red that write the corporate terrorist executive at Shitibank is bragging about getting in bed and whoring to the state that believes that women should not be able to control their own bodies. If you are a women Citibank is selling your right to do what you want with your own body. We have been sold out by the corporate terrorists and rich white male control freak Rethugs and Democraps. Congress is not just whoring themselves to Citigroup, they are the madam and they are putting all women on sale.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Citigroup still hates black people (hispanic people too)

Innercity press has just posted some stats on Citigroups racism for 2005. Meet Citigroups New Racism: Same as the Old Racism and yet not suprisingly even worse. Here are some quotes:

"Redlining and continued disproportional denials to people of color are also evidenced by Citigroup's 2005 data. Nationwide for conventional, first-lien home purchase loans, Citigroup denied the applications of African Americans 2.69 times more frequently than those of whites, and denied the applications of Latinos 2.02 times more frequently than whites, both disparities worse even than in 2004"

"Citigroup was disparate in Metropolitan Statistical Areas all over the country in 2005. In Los Angeles, Citigroup confined African Americans to higher cost rate spread loans 2.13 times more frequently than whites; its disparity for Latinos was 2.02. Citigroup's African American to white disparity was 2.27 in the Washington DC MSA, and 2.72 in Chicago. In Philadelphia, Citigroup confined African Americans to higher cost rate spread loans 3.43 times more frequently than whites; its disparity for Latinos was 2.50"

But then who can be suprised. We have a one party system where all the members either hate non-white people or don't care about non-white people. Knowing how racist and delusional this government is they probably still think they are stopping "looters", while white families look for food: at least we know the MSM still thinks that.

Citigroup is both so typical and even more so such a great part of why the current government needs, not just an impeachment hearing, but radical change to get rid of a government run by corporate terrorits from both suppossed "parties".

Sunday, April 09, 2006

FED Let's Citigroup Loose on Competitors

From qrswave, posted orginally at the top quality blog .

The Federal Reserve has given Citigroup Inc. a green light to acquire competitors after issuing an order in March 2005 preventing it from making acquisitions.

Apparently, the Fed rescinded its ban sooner than expected. "Such orders typically stay in effect for 18 months or more."

In part because of the Fed order, [CEO] Prince slowed the pace of acquisitions that had been Citigroup's hallmark under his predecessor, Sanford Weill. . . .

From 1986 to 1998, when Travelers Group Inc. bought Citicorp to create Citigroup, Weill made more than 100 purchases, transforming a Baltimore-based consumer lender into a bank, brokerage, securities firm and insurer with operations around the globe.

"Citigroup was built through putting companies together, and acquisitions were always an important part of growth" . . .
Much like cancer, financial institutions infiltrate and eventually overwhelm every business they come in contact with. Avoid them like the plague.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Corporate Terrorist at Citibank send to jail

So just when you want to applaud the U.S. justice system hold your applause. This has happened in India. "Shobhit Sharma, senior relationship manager at the New Delhi branch of the bank, against whom a complaint was lodged, was not complying with the notices served on him by the commission in a personal loan dispute. Holding him guilty of the contempt of the order of the MRTPC, the bench headed by its chairman Justice BK Rathi issued non-bailable warrant against Sharma and directed that he should be sent to jail on his arrest" .

But justice does not just occur. In India people have been actively fighting Shitibank in order to make sure their children get fed. When I say fighting no, I don't mean on blogs.

Anyway here is a toast to a corporate terrorist being sent to jail, one down many more to go.

Okay, I won't get to excited it is only for a month and the corporate terrorists at Citibank deserve to rot in jail for all the children they have murdered.