Sunday, July 16, 2006

Japan tells Citibank to stop screwing their people, but will America ever do the same?

While the corporate terrorists in Congress join Citigroup in their evil, Japan has told Citigroup what they can do with their terrorist cell, not to mention lousy customer service.

"Japanese financial watchdog has reprimanded Citibank Japan for a computer problem that botched hundreds of thousands of bank transactions and ordered the company to take major steps to improve the system. The Financial Services Agency said yesterday it ordered the Japanese unit of Citigroup Inc. to fundamentally re-evaluate and redevelop its current system of governance, internal control and outsourcing following a series of system failures involving transaction processing that affected thousands of individual and corporate customers earlier this year"(

But until we get the Democratic-Republican corporate terrorists out of office don't count on anything like this to happen in the United States.