Sunday, April 08, 2007

Shitigroup: Who cares about the people who work for us.

Citigroup has made yet more plans to screw over its workers. According to "It's been reported that Citigroup will lay off 15,000, and more 14,000 jobs from higher-cost areas like New York City, Hong Kong and London to places like India, Cincinnati and Buffalo" ( Who cares that this will throw lots of peoples lives in chaos? Who cares about the people's children who will have to leave their friends to move? Who cares about the people who will end up homeless because they can't find another job? Just as long as the corporate terrorists running Citigroup can buy a few extra Hummers to make up for their teenie weenies.And by the way angry disgruntled Citigroup employees I want to hear your stories! Time to tell come out and tell the world about the terrorist acts of Shitigroup. Screw exit interviews, get revenge on these terrorists for throwing your lives in the trash.