Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Like Bush, Citibank hates the troops Part I

Citibank is deliberately trying to cheat active duty troops out of the lower interest rate that they (and all Americans) deserve. In fact, not only do they deserve this lower interest rate, but it is required by law under the Soldier and Sailors Civil Relief Act of 1940. Just look at how these corporate criminals are stealing money from one soldier below:

"Enclosed is a copy of my son's military orders calling him to active duty, a copy of the affidavit designating me as his authorized representative, and a copy of my letter to Citibank, Sioux Falls, SD, dated 8 December, 2004. Citibank has given me all kinds of excuses for not acting on this matter. First they wanted an affidavit specifically addressed to them. They desisted on their request once I explained to them that the military do not have the time and manpower to prepare affidavits in the manner Citibank wanted. cont..

cont..Then they told me that my son's active duty orders were not with the correspondence I had mailed them. Then they said I needed to prepare a document which they were going to mail to me; I have never received such document. Last time I called I was told that they were still investigating!" (From http://www.innercitypress.org/...)

What I have to say is how dare the greedy corporate thieves at Citibank steal from someone who is risking their life. Someone who should not have to worry about credit card payments, because they should just have to worry about staying alive. How dare they put a parent already under large amounts of stress under even more stress by cheating their child and giving them the run around. How evil do you have to be to do this to a family in this situation?

This is also so typical of Citibank's lies and the run around they give anyone with a Citi Card or account, etc. Back in the day when I had a Citibank card, they gave me the same run around. You will receive your cash back if you just do this, you will receive your cash back if you just do that. It was all a lie, I never saw a dime from these liars. It was simply a stall tactic so they could keep me using their card.
However, I don't even compare how they screwed me over, to what they are doing to soldiers and the families of soldiers. Another example below:

"We received your letter telling us that you could not process [REDACTED]'s request to reduce the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) under the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act of 1940. We understand that you need another document to show when exactly she enlisted in the Army. We, her husband and children, regretfully inform you that we do not have access to any of her documents that pertain to her military career. As she is already in Kuwait, there is no way that she can send these documents to you until her return home. She is not expected to return for six months to a year." (From http://www.innercitypress.org/...)

Yes, the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act of 1940. This act, was designed to allow troops to focus their attention on serving the country. However, despite backing Bushco as a red company and being a Bush campaign donor, it is obvious that neither Citibank, nor Bushco care about the troops. If Bushco did they could enforce the law, and if Citibank did they would not violate the spirit of it.

So to compare Bushco and Citibank

Both love war, but hate the soldiers who are serving in it.

Both are liars who screw brave hard working people.

Both are Un-American and traitors to the people of this country. (I had to laugh when I saw in a news article (I don't remember where) that the bombings of 2 Citibank's in Argentina due to Bush was an attack against American interests-by the way I don't think anyone was hurt in the bombings).

4.Both resort to sick twisted tactics to serve their own greed.

Both will harm anyone, no matter how amoral, to serve their own selfish needs.

Both have no family values at all. Their idea of family values is screwing over families. Progressives have family values not these liars.

In fact, Citibank hates the troops so much I decided to divide it up into two or three parts. Just like Bush, these yellow elephants have found multiple ways to screw over soldiers. If you think this document crap is outrageous, it gets even better. Part II: Denying troops the cheaper rate because they have previously served (WTF). Clarification/Update:: The quotes in this article are from The Inner City Press Citibank watch and are not my personal story. If you want to read more about the evidence they have collected or read more quotes please see http://www.innercitypress.org/citi.html and scroll down to the December 5, 2005 entry. Sorry for the confusion.

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