Thursday, March 02, 2006

Like Bush Citibank Hates the Troops: Part II

First if you missed part I about the fake bureaucracy Shitibank has created to steal money from soldiers, you can check it out here: .

Today's diary is about the story of one soldier who bravely rejoined the armed forces in 2002, at a time when people already realized that if you joined the military you were risking your life. So how do the yellow elephants at Citibank show their appreciation? By making up lies and excuses to deny this soldier the lower interest rate that they are entitled to by the Soldier and Sailors Civil Relief Act of 1940.
The soldier's story is below in their own words:

"I first contacted The Associates in May of 2002. At that time I was denied enrollment. I was told that because I originally entered the military in 1989, I was ineligible. However, my tour of duty was over in 1993. I opened my account with The Associates in 2000. At that time, I was a civilian and had no intentions of signing back up with the military. Yet, in March of 2002, I entered into the US Army on full-time, active military duty. As the law states, the SSCRA regulates the amount of interest I am to be charged for any credit accounts I opened before entry into military service.
"I have disputed this matter with The Associates to no avail. I have sent them copies of my original orders showing my current enlistment date, as well as a copy of the law. Still I was denied. I was then forced to go to my JAG office on base to seek legal counsel. From there I was directed to the Attorney General's office in Irving, TX, the headquarters for the aforementioned party. The Attorney General's office then put me in touch with the legal representatives of the [REDACTED] County, where I received contact information for the OCC Customer Assistance Group.
"The Associates have repeatedly denied my claims based on prior service. Yet, I have found nowhere in the law where it states this as a deciding factor. So I write to you now, to examine the law and enforce the necessary actions. I have enclosed all pertinent documents in regard to this matter. I have been enrolled in a debt consolidation company, and have made payments to The Associates monthly for the last year."

Why aren't Bush and the rest of the Rethug's outraged? The government has the power to enforce its own laws against an evil corporation screwing over the people who are serving the country. Oh, wait that's right red Citigroup/Citibank has already given them all bribes (aka campaign contributions). This is just more proof that all Bushco and the rethugs care about is their corporate terrorist friends. You can even volunteer to risk your life for them and they will still screw you. Bush, rethugs, and corporate terrorists: how ungrateful can you be to the people who are risking their life for your imaginary and delusional noble cause (aka making it easier to steal money from the poor and make the middle class poor)?

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