Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Part III: Like Bush, Citibank hates the troops

So if you missed Part I(http://www.dailykos.com/...) or Part II(http://www.dailykos.com/...) about how Buscho puts their corporate terrorist friends, including Citibank above the law here is part III. Today's Citibank screw over a soldier tactic: don't like that the Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act of 1940 requires you to reduce the soldiers interest rates-delay and sell. Delay: Move at the slowest pace possible to marginally comply with the law by creating an imaginary bureaucracy. Sell: Then sell the accounts all against the spirit of the law. The point of the Soldier's and Sailor's Civil Relief Act is to allow soldiers to concentrate of what they are doing, and in protecting their own lives by allowing them to not have to worry about finances. However, similar to Bush, Citibank doesn't care if people live for die, as long as they make money out of it.
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"My husband enlisted in the United States Marine Corps during the recent war in Iraq. Upon the advice of his recruiter, I requested relief from our creditors in accordance with the Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act of 1940. Citibank finally responded and complied with the Act. However, they ALSO have turned this account over to TWO COLLECTION AGENCIES (copy of letter enclosed).
"I am filing a complaint against Citibank because they are ruining our credit rating by ignoring my requests regarding relief and selling this account to collection agencies".http://www.innercitypress.org/...

This is just sick. If Shitibank dragged out the process shouldn't they be held accountable and not be able to sell the accounts. Shouldn't they take responsibility for their deceitful lack of timely action. I thought the Buscho government was all about accountability . You know those poor people and middle class people. How dare they be poor or middle class? We need to hold them all accountable, but us well were above that.. This is the rethug government for you. No accountability for the rethugs and no accountability for their corporate terrorist friends.

But don't just sit here and read this! Do something about it. Know someone in the military or who has family in the military-show these articles to them. The message I would hope that they get is two fold;

Citibank is evil and that they should take their money out of Citibank and tear up their credit cards.

Buscho and the rethugs aren't on the side of the troops. The rethugs and demoncrats in Congress put the needs of rich yellow elephants over the needs of the troops. They don't care about their safety while they are in Iraq, they don't care about their lives when they return home, and they don't care about their families during either time.

Send this to your representative too. This is an outrage. I want answers about this! Where is the accountability for the rich! Congress better hold these corporate terrorists accountable!

P.S. For more info see http://www.innercitypress.org/....

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Breaking News: Remember When I told you to cancel your Citi accounts???

Well, yes, in part I told you to cancel them because they are run by a bunch of rethugs and corporate terrorists. However, I also have told you to cancel them because Shitibank is just that: shitty.

Anyway if you still have a Citibank debit/atm card, their system which Citibank purposely makes easy to be hacked has been just that: hacked. If you think is just tri's tinfoil, think again. There is even an article about it on MSNBC posted at 4pm Eastern Time (http://msnbc.msn.com/...). More Below:

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Of course the chickenshits at Citibank have refused to comment to the media or admit that their systems suck. Of course the MSNBC version is weak and doesn't make them out to be the whole corporate criminals and liers they are. So here is the good version, which I will quote from and put in a link to so you can read the whole version

Idiot Watch: Citibank Locks Down ATM Cards
One of the largest banking chains in the world, Citibank ran a lockdown of ATM cards for customer traveling or otherwise in Canada, Europe or Russia. Apparently, the network had been hacked. Unfortunately, Citibank seems somewhat lacking as some reported Citibank failed to notify them before they used their card to attempt to retrieve money. Yep... the idiot watch sees something new (http://www.securitypronews.com/...).

Yup, their were a bunch of Americans oversees who found out that Shitibank sucks. Unfortunetly for them they found this out while they were in another country with no money. These included people who even called in advance to make sure they would have a working atm/debit card. For example Jake Applebaum :

I identified myself as an upset customer whose account was locked for some unknown reason. She asked me a few questions about my location, my issue and then informed me that my card was suspected of fraud.

Naturally, I perked my ears up and asked for details of any fraud. She informed me that there had been no direct fraudulent transactions on my account. Rather, she informed me that the ATM networks of Canada, Russia and the United Kingdom have been compromised. I used the term class break as a question and she repeated that there has been a class break of the ATM networks in those countries. The ATM network in Canada has been compromised and as a result, using my ATM card over the Canadian network locked my account automatically. She informed me that this has been an ongoing issue for the last two weeks. When I asked why there was no media attention, she said she wasn't sure. I said it was a pretty big deal and she agreed.

She informed me that I would have to return to the United States to change my pin number before my card would be valid and in a usable state again. When I informed her that I would be traveling outside of the United States for at least a few months, possibly up to six, she repeated that I would have to re-enter the United States to fix the problem (http://www.securitypronews.com/...).

Yup, another fine example of Citibank's stupidity, lies, and ineptitude. Hmm, like I say Citibank=Bu$h. Like Bu$h, like one of his favorite corporate terrorists. But anyways back to the story.

This still remains primarily a security problem, though it's turning into a public relations problem too. This is good example of Citibank's obvious lack of a solid contingency when security problems like this occur and that, inevitably, will happen again. They failed to notify customers, they failed to notify the media or anyone else. This is an excellent example of how not to handle a security problem like this (http://www.securitypronews.com/...).

Horrible, but not particularly shocking. Damn it, you can only do so many things at once, and when you busy yourself whoring to rethugs, giving bribes to rethugs, and kissing the asses of rethugs well that doesn't leave much time for things like customer service.

The good one-http://www.securitypronews.com/...

The MSM (MSNBC)one-http://msnbc.msn.com/...

The original blog: http://ioerror.livejournal.com/...

And More:

More than abortion: Citi hates women

This is the story of the brave Pam Martens, a brave survivor of abuse at the hands of some evil twisted executives.

"In 1984, I started working as a stockbroker trainee at the Garden City, New York branch of Shearson, which became Smith Barney in December of that year [and more recently has been acquired by Citigroup]. Over the next decade, I experienced a variety of sexual harassment. The branch manager pull a gun on me shortly after I started. He constantly used foul and degrading language, especially toward women. In the sales meetings, for instance, he called the clerical workers "a pack of humps" and told the brokers that if they had to call their wives so many times, maybe they should "go home and lay between their legs." He also used anti-Semitic language such as, "you guys who nailed Jesus to the cross." He also used other language too vile to repeat".

tri's diary :: ::
And if you think this was a long time ago, it still continues, and according to Pam has even gotten worse...

If anything, the industry has gotten worse. Women all around the country are contacting us through the web site and through the New York chapter of NOW, and telling us what is going on in their offices. We've heard of additional cases where women have been raped and quickly given a pay-off to stay quiet. Virtually all of the most egregious employees responsible for the worst behavior are still employed at Smith Barney (part of Citigroup).

Additionally here is evidence from a online anti-citibank blog that this is still going on. One former employee at http://www.fuckcitibank.com stated " They withheld my paycheck after I quit when I was assualted by my boss. I had to have my lawyer threaten legal action to get my paycheck".

This isn't just Pam's story

"In 1997, NOW-NYC "and its National parent organization spotlighted Salomon Smith Barney as its 'Merchant of Shame.' At that time, women from 11 states charged the firm with tolerating sexual assaults and physical attacks against women in the workplace. Eventually, 2000 women came forward to make charges against the firm for egregious acts of harassment, discrimination and retaliation. The case was eventually settled in what NOW-NYC calls a sham settlement that formalized Salomon Smith Barney's denial of court access to its workers. The case is currently on appeal. Since that time, Citigroup and its roster of companies have faced continuous charges of rampant lawlessness: money laundering, bribing the former U.S. Agriculture Secretary; an EEOC charge of racial discrimination; price fixing against its investors on the NASDAQ stock market; failing to pay overtime to its clerical workers; theft of employees' deferred compensation; illegally merging a bank, insurance company and brokerage firm; illegally over-charging municipalities on municipal bond refinancings; seeking kickbacks via inflated commissions on initial public offerings of stock; and offering call girls to elected officials in California."(http://www.innercitypress.org/...)

About a week ago their was a journal asking people to boycott Citi due to them being a large employer in South Dakota where our rights have been trampled on by a bunch of wingnuts. I strongly support the boycott, but what I want everyone to know is that Citigroup is a hardcore red company that is anti-female. They should be boycotted based on numerous practices and not just abortion.

Citi is bad for and to women

To read the whole account and article on Pam's story please see http://multinationalmonitor.org/... .

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Like Bush Citibank Hates the Troops: Part II

First if you missed part I about the fake bureaucracy Shitibank has created to steal money from soldiers, you can check it out here: http://www.dailykos.com/... .

Today's diary is about the story of one soldier who bravely rejoined the armed forces in 2002, at a time when people already realized that if you joined the military you were risking your life. So how do the yellow elephants at Citibank show their appreciation? By making up lies and excuses to deny this soldier the lower interest rate that they are entitled to by the Soldier and Sailors Civil Relief Act of 1940.
The soldier's story is below in their own words:

"I first contacted The Associates in May of 2002. At that time I was denied enrollment. I was told that because I originally entered the military in 1989, I was ineligible. However, my tour of duty was over in 1993. I opened my account with The Associates in 2000. At that time, I was a civilian and had no intentions of signing back up with the military. Yet, in March of 2002, I entered into the US Army on full-time, active military duty. As the law states, the SSCRA regulates the amount of interest I am to be charged for any credit accounts I opened before entry into military service.
"I have disputed this matter with The Associates to no avail. I have sent them copies of my original orders showing my current enlistment date, as well as a copy of the law. Still I was denied. I was then forced to go to my JAG office on base to seek legal counsel. From there I was directed to the Attorney General's office in Irving, TX, the headquarters for the aforementioned party. The Attorney General's office then put me in touch with the legal representatives of the [REDACTED] County, where I received contact information for the OCC Customer Assistance Group.
"The Associates have repeatedly denied my claims based on prior service. Yet, I have found nowhere in the law where it states this as a deciding factor. So I write to you now, to examine the law and enforce the necessary actions. I have enclosed all pertinent documents in regard to this matter. I have been enrolled in a debt consolidation company, and have made payments to The Associates monthly for the last year."
From http://www.innercitypress.org/...

Why aren't Bush and the rest of the Rethug's outraged? The government has the power to enforce its own laws against an evil corporation screwing over the people who are serving the country. Oh, wait that's right red Citigroup/Citibank has already given them all bribes (aka campaign contributions). This is just more proof that all Bushco and the rethugs care about is their corporate terrorist friends. You can even volunteer to risk your life for them and they will still screw you. Bush, rethugs, and corporate terrorists: how ungrateful can you be to the people who are risking their life for your imaginary and delusional noble cause (aka making it easier to steal money from the poor and make the middle class poor)?

For more information see http://www.innercitypress.org/....