Tuesday, March 07, 2006

More than abortion: Citi hates women

This is the story of the brave Pam Martens, a brave survivor of abuse at the hands of some evil twisted executives.

"In 1984, I started working as a stockbroker trainee at the Garden City, New York branch of Shearson, which became Smith Barney in December of that year [and more recently has been acquired by Citigroup]. Over the next decade, I experienced a variety of sexual harassment. The branch manager pull a gun on me shortly after I started. He constantly used foul and degrading language, especially toward women. In the sales meetings, for instance, he called the clerical workers "a pack of humps" and told the brokers that if they had to call their wives so many times, maybe they should "go home and lay between their legs." He also used anti-Semitic language such as, "you guys who nailed Jesus to the cross." He also used other language too vile to repeat".

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And if you think this was a long time ago, it still continues, and according to Pam has even gotten worse...

If anything, the industry has gotten worse. Women all around the country are contacting us through the web site and through the New York chapter of NOW, and telling us what is going on in their offices. We've heard of additional cases where women have been raped and quickly given a pay-off to stay quiet. Virtually all of the most egregious employees responsible for the worst behavior are still employed at Smith Barney (part of Citigroup).

Additionally here is evidence from a online anti-citibank blog that this is still going on. One former employee at http://www.fuckcitibank.com stated " They withheld my paycheck after I quit when I was assualted by my boss. I had to have my lawyer threaten legal action to get my paycheck".

This isn't just Pam's story

"In 1997, NOW-NYC "and its National parent organization spotlighted Salomon Smith Barney as its 'Merchant of Shame.' At that time, women from 11 states charged the firm with tolerating sexual assaults and physical attacks against women in the workplace. Eventually, 2000 women came forward to make charges against the firm for egregious acts of harassment, discrimination and retaliation. The case was eventually settled in what NOW-NYC calls a sham settlement that formalized Salomon Smith Barney's denial of court access to its workers. The case is currently on appeal. Since that time, Citigroup and its roster of companies have faced continuous charges of rampant lawlessness: money laundering, bribing the former U.S. Agriculture Secretary; an EEOC charge of racial discrimination; price fixing against its investors on the NASDAQ stock market; failing to pay overtime to its clerical workers; theft of employees' deferred compensation; illegally merging a bank, insurance company and brokerage firm; illegally over-charging municipalities on municipal bond refinancings; seeking kickbacks via inflated commissions on initial public offerings of stock; and offering call girls to elected officials in California."(http://www.innercitypress.org/...)

About a week ago their was a journal asking people to boycott Citi due to them being a large employer in South Dakota where our rights have been trampled on by a bunch of wingnuts. I strongly support the boycott, but what I want everyone to know is that Citigroup is a hardcore red company that is anti-female. They should be boycotted based on numerous practices and not just abortion.

Citi is bad for and to women

To read the whole account and article on Pam's story please see http://multinationalmonitor.org/... .


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